Latitude Longitude GPS Coordinates Sign - Engraved Wood Sign

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Custom coordinates sign for all of the key moments in your life! ??

This is a truly personal item for yourself or as a gift. Have a think - where is your special place? Was it where you met your partner, where bub was born, where you said "I do"? Maybe it was even where you graduated, your greatest achievement, or your most important moment!


These boards will stand on their own and are hand sanded, leaving all the natural integrity of the pine. This means there may be splits, knots or cracks, but either way you'll love it!


How to order:

1. Enter either the address of the location and we can convert to coordinates or if you have the coordinates - even better! We will convert to the format in the design. We use DMS format with 4 decimals following the seconds. eg. 00º 00' 00.0000" N

Product Details:

  • Made from Dressed Pine Wood
  • Ready to stand on it's own!
  • Hand sanded
  • Measures approx 300mm x 90mm


Love it but want to customise something more? Let's do it! Contact us to get in touch and we can make it happen!