Floral Wreath - Myrtle ūü™Ķ Announcement Disc

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Our first announcement disc in the beautiful Tasmanian Myrtle wood! ūü™Ķ

Make your announcement extra special with our personalised floral wreath disc. Featured on our vibrant and premium Tasmanian Myrtle wood, the floral wreath leaves provide a beautiful, earthy touch to your special announcement.

Crafted from sustainable 3mm Tasmanian Myrtle, these discs will bring it all to life and give you the perfect addition to a magical year ahead.

Product Details:

  • 1 x Personalised Announcement¬†disc
  • Includes the title "Baby ...." "Due ..."
  • Crafted on 3mm Tasmanian Myrtle
  • Diameter: 12cm
  • Depth: 3mm


Why buy from The Willow Corner?

We want The Willow Corner to be honest, fun and full of the same passion and excitement that we feel every time we get the chance to start a new order for you and create something truly unique. ‚Ä謆

Our foundation is simple ‚Äď everything we do is with an eco-conscious mind; after all, we‚Äôve got no Planet B. That means sustainable wood and fabrics, right down to compostable packaging. ‚Ä謆

Our mission is to bring joy and excitement to this world and create everlasting memories that inspire people to spread kindness. 

We love to handcraft a range of products from Wood and Clay Earrings, Wooden Milestone and Announcement Discs, through to Educational Play by Montessori Learning and so much more! ‚Ä謆