Custom Spotify Cassette Mixtape Key Ring

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We're bringing back the lost love language of the mixtape!

A lot has changed since the 90's. With the birth of CDs, MP3's, Spotify and other streaming services, we lost an art form. The classic dating mixtape (and all mixtapes) is long gone, because, let’s be real – expressing and reminiscing your love for someone by painstakingly selecting and recording your favourite tracks just doesn't happen enough anymore!

But what if there was another way? These custom Spotify Code Cassette Mixtape keychains can be scanned in the Spotify app to play/pull up any song, album, or playlist you choose. They make an amazing and very personal gift for yourself or a loved one. Made of high quality basswood, these key rings are the perfect sentiment - regardless of the occasion! 

The tapes are lost, but the habit of curating playlists still remains. How will you use the perfect mixtape?

How to create the perfect mixtape:

  1. Open Spotify and carefully curate the perfect playlist mix for you or your giftee.
  2. Make sure your playlist/song/album is set to public.
  3. Click the three dots and select "share" on your new playlist.
  4. Paste the link in the text field above and we'll do the rest!


Want to see how it works? Open up your Spotify app and scan the code below:


Product Details:

  • 1 x Custom Spotify Cassette Mixtape Key Ring
  • Measures 57mm x 35mm
  • Crafted on 2.5mm basswood
  • Includes split ring for key ring attachment