Boho Rainbow Wooden Name Puzzle - Personalised 🌈

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This adorable puzzle includes a three piece pop-out Rainbow alongside a customised name. A gift you'll love giving, our wooden name puzzles are a wonderful learning toy to give for birthdays, holidays, and every day!


Customise it!

Our puzzles can be customised to a range of colour options for both the name as well as the shape/icon. Create a combination you love!

*Rainbow colours are as pictured. Letters can be customised to any of our available colour options!


Why Puzzles?

Our puzzles are a really fun learning toy that help to encourage name recognition, spelling, and fine motor skills. They are made of high quality basswood, birch and acrylic. Our puzzles are 7.5cm tall and the length varies based on the length of the name. (Max. letters is 7) The letters are the perfect size to grab for your young learner. All of the puzzle pieces are raised, making them easy to get them out and play with.

Note: Colours may differ slightly as each monitor/screen displays colours a little differently.

This item is recommended for children aged 3+ years with adult supervision.